Bring awareness of Jesus to family meal time and special events
Perfect for everyday Family meal, Parties, Church Nursery & Sunday Schools, Daycare, Outdoor Cookouts, and Special Events
Thanksgiving Dinner Disposable Paper Plates and Cups 20 PIECE Set | Turkey themed thanksgiving set for kids and Adults (10 Plates, 10 Cups)
Now available on
20 Piece Kids Multi Purpose Birthday Party Paper Plates and Cups | Perfect for Christian Religious Themed Birthdays, Churches, School Nursery, Daycare and Everyday Use (10 Plates, 10 Cups)
Bring life and blessings into your birthdays with Verseware's birthday series
Boy or Girl Unisex Kids 1st through 5th Birthday Tableware Paper Plates Cups Napkins | 40 Piece Party Set | Christian Religious Party Plates Supplies (10 Plates, 10 Cups, 20 Napkins)
20 Piece Birthday Party Paper Plates and Cups For All Ages | Adult or Kids, Boy or Girl | Christian Religious Party Plates Cups supplies (10 Plates, 10 Cups)
Babies are special gifts from God. Welcome them in grand style!
Cute cheeks, lovely hands and feet, and heaven's smiles...Babies are a bundle of joy from the Lord; they bring blessings and heaven's peace to our homes. 
Baby Boy First 1st Birthday, Shower, Christening, Baptism Party Plates Cups Napkins | 40 Piece Party Set | 1st to 5th Birthday, Christian Religious Party Supplies (10 Plates, 10 Cups, 20 Napkins)
Baby Girl First 1st Birthday, Shower, Christening, Baptism Party Plates Cups Napkins | 40 Piece Party Set | 1st to 5th Birthday, Christian Religious Party Supplies (10 Plates, 10 Cups, 20 Napkins)
"Let Somebody Shout Halleluyah!" 
Anywhere there's celebration, Verseware's there!
10 ounce Steak? Verseware's heavy duty plate holds up!
Need custom design tableware for your organization? Sure we can help with that.
Looking to make paper plates, cups, napkins and napkins for your Cafe, Restaurant, Business, Church, School, Cause or Christian Event?

Simply send us an email at [email protected] and one of our account representatives will call you to go over details

*minimum order quantity applies. Designs subject to factory approval

Our Story

Verseware was born out our passion to promote the name of Jesus and glorify the Lord through the items we use most everyday-table ware. Our desire is to re-affirm, teach, inspire and promote the awareness of Jesus to our children, communities, and upcoming generations.

Verseware is partnering with Christ centered churches, ministries, schools, causes, missions and individuals to transform our world. 

Every verseware item you purchase is helping us create jobs and transform depressed communities of Allentown, Pennslyvania; together we can make this a worldwide initiative towards cleaning every street and making our world a better place through the love of Jesus Christ.

Verseware introduces the first fundraiser program that keeps earning you cash
continuously over and over again...
Recurring Fundraiser revenue.
0% upfront cost.
Up to 50% profit
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Make Big Bucks doing good stuff.
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We are looking for ways to make Verseware products available all over the US and beyond. 

We rely on businesses and  business minded individuals like you to land VERSEWARE products in book stores, churches,  christian events, conventions, event promoters, vendors, schools and colleges, cafeteria, restaurant or gift shops.

If you are interested in joining out team of resellers, distributors and affiliates, please send us an email at [email protected]

Verseware Supports World Missions, Community Transformations and Global Relief 

Proceeds from every verseware product purchase goes towards creating jobs, transforming communities, and giving hope to the hopeless. 

Our vision is not limited the above, but to one day win nations to Christ by creating economic sustainability initiatives and humanitarian relief in all places of the earth to the glory of God.

Will you help us make this vision happen?

Please email us at [email protected]


Verseware Products PO BOX 505, Macungie PA 18062.  Email: [email protected]